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Chalet refuge de Nant Borrant



Extract from the councils decisions register

"Considering that the journey from the Les Contamines village centre, where all the inn-keepers and off-licenses of the area are, to "les Chapieus" going via Le Col de Bonhomme is at least seven hours
Considering that the people obliged to cross this mountain are very exposed because there is no seller of wine or groceries
The aforesaid council has unanimously decided that it is very urgent to establish, on the Nant Borrant site, a site very favorable and agreable for foreigners, an inn-keeper who will sell wine, groceries and other things necessary to travellers and passers-by, who he will lodge in accordance with all the rules and regulations which apply to inns...
For this reason the adminisrators ask his Excellence Monseigneur the Governor and Commander General of the Savoie Duchy to please adhere to this fair request...
And as the named Joseph Alexandre Mattel, man of great integrity, worthy of this position because of his and his families respectability, is alone in possessing a house and a good selection of apartments on the Nant Borrant site...

In 1870 his son Joseph coverted the family farm into a hotel. Then it was the turn of Gustave Mattel (son of Joseph) to continue the running of it, then Abel Mattel (son of Gustave), then in 1976 Lucienne Mattel (daughter of Abel) and latterly in 2001 Patricia Mattel (niece of Lucienne). The Nant Borrant chalet has always belonged to the Mattel family.